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Name:Abby Rose
Birthdate:Jan 23
Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
One of Many Masks | ♒ | 虎 | Pegasister | ♀ | Furry

Hi there. I'm nerdy.
I like a lot of things. You probably noticed. I love cats, and I am secretly a feline. SHHHH-

Video games and Disney are my euphoric childhood.

Superheroes are my secret obsession.

Anime and cartoons are compulsive hobbies.

Animals are my guardians.

I'm really fucking disconnected from the real world.

If you would like to see my fandoms and junk, I suggest you look at my interests.

Here's what I ship from my fandoms:

Steve/Tony, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Darcy, Bucky/Natasha, Bruce/Diana, Bruce/Selina, Dick/Barbara, Bruce/Barbara, Damian/Cassandra, Luna/Celestia, Discord/Celestia, Celestia/Twilight, Rarity/Spike, Luna/Harry, Lily/Snape, Link/Saria, Link/Zelda, Link/Medli, Link/Marin, Komali/Medli, Link/Ruto, Link/Ilia, Sandstorm/Fireheart, and Cloudtail/Brightheart.

The rest of my fandoms don't have super appealing ships, I'm sorry.

Hope we can be friends~! :3
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